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Our experienced staff has worked in automotive for years. We use the latest diagnostic technology to provide high-quality service and quick turnaround. Our Vehicle Inspection Reports give you all the details to understand your emissions test results. We perform a variety of smog checks and inspections:


Star Certified

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We re-test for free. So if your vehicle fails emissions testing and your mechanic fixes the problem, bring it right back for re-test.Show your repair invoice to our tech, so we can be sure the correct problems were fixed to pass  on your free test.

All American Smog Test Only

Looking for a smog check station you can trust? Look no further. We are a star certified smog test only station. You are free to take your vehicle anywhere to confirm test results.

All American Smog Test Free Retest

If you have questions we have links the Bureau of Automotive Repair website. They have the Smog Referee program to assist you as well as the Consumer Assistance Program.

Alll American Smog Test Star Certified


- Visual Smog System Inspection

- Courtesy Pre-Test Code Scans
- Smog Test Computer Diagnostics
- Diesel Smog Check

- Out of State Smog Tests
- DMV Renewal Smog Checks
- Gross Polluter Certification

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We put thought into what our customers expect when visiting our shop. We strive to handle all customers with posted hours, available facilities, smog check estimates, emissions documentation, and repeat customers let us know they appreciate our hard work.

Lynn from Seal Beach, CA

"In and out in 15 minutes on Tuesday. $40 dollars out the door with coupon from their website.  Thanks! 10/24/17

If there is an issue, let us know. We value confidential feedback on It goes right to upper management.


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Smog Test Results include:

- Hydrocarbon Levels

- Carbon Dioxide Levels
- Nitrogen Oxide Levels
- Smoke Check
- Upper and Lower Test Limits
- System Monitoring Sensor Results