As a test only star smog station we are licensed by the Bureau of Automotive Repairs to perform smog tests but not repairs to automobiles like other smog check stations. This type of smog test station can be trusted more to give true results of the test to customers because there is no gain to benefit from failing a customer. If a customer's vehicle fails the emissions testing then they have options. They can call other repair smog test stations for estimates and get things fixed. Then we re-test our customers for free and if they pass then they get the certificate which is automatically transmitted to the DMV. Then they can take their Vehicle Inspection Report to the DMV to finish registration.

Our certified smog techs are licensed and rated by the computer system which indicates requirements of each automotive make and model during the test phases. Components of your engine are visually inspected in addition to the measurements of hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxide, and carbon dioxide in your emissions. So you do not have to be an expert in smog testing; that is our job.If your vehicle fails the smog test you have 4 options:
-Have your vehicle diagnosed and fixed at a licensed repair smog check location of your choice

-Apply for financial assistance for emissions related repairs from the Consumer Assistance Program (CAP)

-Seek a repair cost waiver from the Referee System

-Retire the vehicle to the state of California (if program/funds are available)


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